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Bob Morris and his contribution to this book

Bob has been an avid reader since childhood and a person very passionate about learning. This explains his recognition of the formal education he received (BA at Beloit, MA at Yale, and additional graduate studies at Chicago, Northwestern, and UCLA) and the fact that he taught English at two New England boarding schools (Kent and St. George) at the age of 13. before embarking on a business career in public relations and corporate communications.

Years later, he returned to the classroom as an adjunct professor of English at a local community college while continuing his practice as an independent management consultant. Along the way, he began reviewing books for Amazon's US, UK and Canadian websites and blogging on other websites.

So I guess you could say he has several professional passions: learning, sharing what he learns, and supporting the work of others he holds in high esteem. So far, he has reviewed more than 3,400 (mostly business) books and interviewed more than 600 thinkers.

His own education continues, and in the meantime, he's happy to share the resources available on his website:

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