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Sales is heartsoul and bloodstream of every business

We are a company whose strategic goal is to offer unique and succesfull models for sales, behavior and performance on the Eastern European market.

In other words, our "WHY" is the desire to change the sales approach by adopting the personal and cultural peculiarities of Eastern Europe.

The idea was born during the MBA studies where two colleagues (Igor Belošić and Vedran Sorić) came up with the idea to do something different and original in the SALES profession.


This company was their final thesis explaining how they would like to share their experience, passion and knowledge.


Team of passionate enthusiasts

...or officially called:

 professionals in sales, marketing, communication ,management and personal development...

Do you think you are qualified for a certain job, that you are capable of leading a team or that you are entitled to a promotion because you have extensive experience and highly developed technical skills?

It turns out that while these things are critical to your professional success, it's imperative that you also have great "soft" skills -   better known as "people skills."

"People skills" are, in short, different attributes and competencies that enable you to communicate well with others...

...People skills are key in sales...


Vedran Sorić

Sales Trainer, Enthusiast and Professional; Author of Book and "Podcaster" in Sales Mindset

KI2_9212-Edit copy_edited.jpg

Mirela Sorić

She takes care of everything related to operational business of the company a.k.a, "The boss"


Igor Belošić

B2B Sales Expert and External Associate a.k.a. "old sales veteran"


Hajdi Ćenan

Artificial Intelligence in Sales; External Associate


Jasna Horvat

Marketing expert, "Customer Journey" ; External Associate


Marijana Šarolić Robić

Expertise  for Commercial Law; External Associate


Natalija Kordić

Marketing Expert, "Customer Journey" ; External Associate

Ana Klancir_edited.jpg

Ana Klancir

Communication and Croatian Language Expert; a.k.a. "grammar nazzi"

Contact us...


Krste Hegedušića 30L,
10360 Zagreb

Sky Office Zagreb, 14th floor
Business Club 5
Ul. Robert Frangeš Mihanović 9,

10110, Zagreb

+385 91 503 22 74

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