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Business Development as a Service

The concept behind our BDaaS

Save money and stay in control

Business Development as a Service (BDaaS) is our specialized contribution to business in EE. We knew we could create a way to participate in the economic shift that was happening and help other companies grow further.

BDaaS builds strategic connections and connects complementary companies in a network aimed at creating:

-> better information

-> faster growth

-> more value for all customers.

Its advantages allow:

-> for buyers and sellers to participate together and create more of what they want – money, time, team performance and reputation.

-> that smaller companies and startups create new opportunities new opportunities_to establish larger companies.

-> complementary companies to create groups of strategic connections that enable rapid growth.

-> that all companies in the connected network are better informed about the market, taking advantage of opportunities that might otherwise be missed.

-> that companies creating natural partnerships in the high-tech arena can cooperate ​​and be partners with any large corporation.

-> complementary businesses such as those in people, strategy and technology — all can benefit from connecting and collaborating.

The concept of connecting with like-minded businesses sounds achievable, right?

...that's where it gets even better...

Basic advantages of BDaaS:

When you partner with a BDaaS professional, you get three distinct benefits:

-> increased income from higher sales

-> wider and more up-to-date information about your market and trends

-> Less financial risk

To achieve this for your company, you need experienced, connected and knowledgeable business professionals who offer Business Development as-a-Service - and in the case of the Eastern European market, that's us -Sorbel Group

Why BDaaS?

That's actually why we do it…

Someone who actively supports the "as a service" model can accomplish several great things that will benefit your business, such as:

-> determine quickly (and with little risk) whether working together will be fun and worthwhile - and yes, we like to have fun while we work.

-> quickly build strategic connections and new relationships that result in increased revenue and growth of your business.

-> provide valuable market insights about your product and service market and business model.

-> create current group prospects and customers from existing "pipe-line".

-> connects you with other strategic partners that complement your products and services.

-> avoid the overhead of a full-time employee while getting all the experience of one employee.

After all, we let you start your business, since these benefits are active from day one.

Are you interested in more information about our service?

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