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16. How to write down your thoughts?

Brainwriting is a method of writing down thoughts, that is, a creative technique that generates ideas freely and spontaneously and determines the possibilities of solving problems. This method is a version of brainstorming, the only difference being that ideas are presented in writing, not orally.

It was created by Bernard Rohrbach in the late 1960s under the name Method 635, and it differs from classic brainstorming in that it gives more time for thinking. It is also called the method of writing down thoughts. Problems that are not too professional are solved, and it often serves to gather ideas.

With the help of brainwriting, the knowledge of several people is used to solve a problem or set a task. With the help of brainwriting, those involved in the method are encouraged to record their own ideas or to accept the ideas of others and to develop them further. In brainstorming, it is known that this aspect is sometimes neglected.

Written brainwriting is suitable especially for groups where a conflict situation is expected, but also serves to activate peaceful participants. With brainwriting, it is not possible to ask comprehension questions.

This is what the brainwriting method looks like in practice:

  1. Participants are given papers with three or more lines to write down ideas, and each of them gives three possible solutions or ideas within five minutes and passes their paper on.

  2. Papers circulate until each participant writes down 18 ideas (three ideas six times).

  3. At the end, each participant evaluates the ideas and chooses his three best.

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