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13. Meta-analiza o individualnim razlikama relevantnim za učinkovito vodstvo

The study was done by:

  • Brian James Hoffman, University of Georgia

  • David J. Woehr, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

  • Robyn Maldagen - Youngjohn

  • Brian D. Lyons, Elon University

This study presents a meta-analysis of 25 individual differences proposed to be associated with effective leadership, focusing on comparing traits (eg, personality and intelligence) with state-like individual differences (eg, knowledge and skills).

The results show that although both traits (motivation for achievement, energy, dominance, honesty/integrity, self-confidence, creativity and charisma) and condition (interpersonal skills, oral communication, written communication, administrative/management skills, problem-solving and decision-making skills ) individual differences were consistent predictors of effective leadership, the influence of trait-like and state-like individual differences was modest overall and did not differ significantly (= .27 and .26, respectively).

Finally, the organizational level of the leader, the method of measuring predictors and criteria, and the type of organization moderated the relationship between individual differences and effective leadership.

Since the analysis itself is chargeable, it would not be fair to share it here, so I refer you to the link where it is described in more detail.

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