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8. SNAP Selling - prodajna metodologija

SNAP selling is a sales methodology that aims to bring sellers to the level of potential buyers.


  1. Keep it Simple – make things clear and simple for your customers.

  2. Be iNvaluable - be irreplaceable.

  3. Always Align – be aligned with your clients, goals, challenges and needs.

  4. Raise Priorities - arrange your priorities well.

Keeping customers and making sustainable profits from establishing a solid customer-seller relationship is the main direction of the SNAP sales technique.

Maintaining the relationship is possible only if the sellers are careful with the factors that can directly affect the stability and profit of the company.

SNAP Selling is a really practical and realistic tool for stable and fast increased sales. The ability to focus on setting clear steps on how to solve your customers' problems leads to the transformation of a prospect into a secure loyal customer, fast sales and increased profits.

Source: Jill Konrath, Snap Selling

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