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5. Membrain CRM approach

Many organizations implement traditional CRM systems thinking it will improve their sales performance. Unfortunately, they are almost always wrong.

CRMs are not designed to help salespeople become better salespeople. They were developed on the premise that salespeople should "know what to do and record what they did."

By having a central database, managers hoped to gain a sense of control and leadership by accessing information and reports.

Sellers are not stupid.

They know this is not helping them. Managers realize that forecasts based on gut feeling will not be accurate and leaders are frustrated that sales productivity is falling. The "360 degree" view of the customer becomes just one big graveyard of information.

Despite this, management continues to throw money at expensive customizations and add-ons in pursuit of "one system to rule them all," not realizing that they are really fighting Hydra and building Frankenstein.

Focus on behaviors, not just data

Membrain's holistic approach will increase your sales performance and reduce your technology spend, as it simplifies your "technology stack", requiring fewer customizations, fewer steps and a more flexible pricing model with Lite users.

At Membrain, they say they recommend investing the money you save in strategy, skill development, and coaching. If you are interested in more, feel free to visit their website.

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