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3. The Psychology of Selling and Advertising, by Edward K. Strong

E.K.Strong, Types of Questions - Although the book "The Psychology of Selling and Advertising" by Edward K. Strong was published back in 1925, we find several new and important changes in the general approach to this topic.

In the first place, where so far the emphasis in such a book has been primarily on advertising, and especially on the elemental factors of advertising, Strong discusses advertising from the point of view of sales - a method or means, not the ultimate subject of discussion.

However, it should not be concluded that this part of the book is sketchy, because it is far from it. In fact, the discussions that demonstrate the various appeals found in ads are some of the highlights of the entire book.

In the second place, the author develops a point touched by other writers as the strongest theme in his work. This is the necessity of handling and developing the sales process from the point of view of the buyer, not from the point of view of the seller.

Third, showing that all the factors present in selling can be analyzed as desire, merchandise, trade name (or retail), purchase, and satisfaction (or dissatisfaction), Strong argues that the former stereotypes of "attraction," "holding attention," "assurance interest" etc., no longer needs to be emphasized if the campaign or sales process is set up according to the principles of the ever-present sales formula - keeping in mind the wishes of the customers and working to present solutions for them.

Overall, the book is a real contribution to the field of psychology in sales and advertising, and is of great value not only as a college textbook, but also as a manual for the sales department of any company.

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