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2. B2C sales - what's that?

B2C – Business to consumer, A transaction that exists between a business and an end consumer is known as B2C. This can include any sales process where the sale of goods and provision of services by the company is done directly to the end user.

Decision making in B2C is quite simple because the transaction is one step and does not involve many people. The target market is very large and there are millions of consumers, so the majors are trying to make customers customers. Today, consumers can also buy goods online, which is also a business to consumers where the consumer can choose a product online and order it, and the company will deliver it to the consumer's address.

The very name B2C became very popular at the end of the nineties in the wake of the DotCom "bubble" and booming online stores. That's when customers realized that they can buy anything they want much faster and more easily in stores that operate online. Retail companies like eBay and Amazon then capitalized on their opportunity and became popular globally.

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