Business Development as a Service


The concept behind our BDaaS

Save money and keep control

Business Development as a Service (BDaaS) is our specialized contribution to business in EE. We knew we could create a way to participate in the economic shift taking place and help other companies further their growth.

BDaaS is about building strategic connections and linking complementary businesses together into a network focused on creating:

-> better information

-> faster growth

-> and more value for all customers.

Its advantages allow:

-> both buyers and sellers to participate together and create more of what they want – money, time, team performance, and reputation.

-> smaller companies and startups to create new opportunities for larger more established businesses.

-> complementary companies to create a group of strategic connections that enable rapid growth.

-> all companies in the connected network to be better informed about the market, taking advantage of opportunities that may be missed otherwise.

-> companies that form natural partnerships in the high-tech arena can collaborate and partner with any large corporation. 

-> complementary companies like those in people, strategy, and tech — can all benefit from connecting and working collaboratively.

The concept of connecting with like-minded businesses sounds attainable, right? And it gets better…

The Bottom-Line Benefits of BDaaS

When you partner with a BDaaS professional, you receive three specific benefits:

-> increased revenue from more sales

-> broader and more up-to-date information about your market and trends

-> Less financial risk

To achieve this for your own company, you need an experienced, connected, and knowledgeable business professionals offering Business Development as-a-Service - and in case of East Europe market that is us - Sorbel Group

Why BDaaS?

This is actually why we do it...

Someone who actively supports the “as a service” model can accomplish several awesome things that benefit your business, such as:

-> quickly (and at a low risk) determine if working together will be fun and valuable - and yes, we like to have fun while working.

-> rapidly build strategic connections and new relationships that result in incremental revenue and growth for your business.

-> provide valuable market insights about your product and service market fit and business model.

-> create an instant group of warm leads and customers from an existing pipeline.

-> link you with other strategic connections that complement your products and services.

-> avoid the overhead costs of a full-time employee while gaining all the experience of one.

Botoom-line, we let you jump-start your business, since these benefits are active from Day One.

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